How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Indian Cinema: Bollywood’s Take

AI is making waves in Bollywood, the world’s largest film producer. While some creators downplay the AI threat, others, like director Shekhar Kapur, are experimenting with AI tools.

Kapur used an AI tool called ChatGPT for a sequel to his film ‘Masoom,’ praising its intuitive understanding of moral conflicts.

The debate around AI in Indian cinema is gaining traction, with concerns about economic and ethical implications.

Siddharth Roy Kapur emphasizes the need for a structured conversation, as AI tools are evolving rapidly. While AI is being explored for efficiency, some, like filmmaker Guhan Senniappan, believe live-action retains an organic touch that AI lacks.

Despite the ongoing conversation, AI is seen as a tool that could democratize filmmaking, giving everyone the power to tell a story.(Source: BBC)

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