Abu Dhabi-backed buyers want to take over the Daily and Sunday Telegraph. They promise journalists will have full freedom to write what they want.

The government got involved because they worried a foreign country might control the papers. Jeff Zucker, leading the bid, says they have legal agreements to protect editorial freedom.

The owner, Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed, will provide most of the money but won’t influence news choices. Some people, including politicians and readers, are worried about an authoritarian state controlling the newspaper.

The Telegraph and Spectator were for sale after Lloyds took them from the Barclay family. RedBird IMI, backed by Abu Dhabi, wants to buy them.

The government stepped in, and now there are debates about the sale. Critics suggest finding more investors to dilute Abu Dhabi’s share, but the buyers rejected that idea.

Zucker says their bid is American-led and will maintain the papers’ independence. An editorial trust board will be set up to protect editorial freedom.

The decision is up to Culture and Media Secretary Lucy Frazer, and a ruling is expected in February.

BBC is the source of this information.


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