Gillian Millane, the mother of Grace Millane, who tragically lost her life in New Zealand five years ago, is turning her grief into a powerful force for change. After facing the devastating loss of both her daughter and husband, Gillian has channeled her pain into advocacy against violence towards women.

Following the trial that convicted Grace’s killer, Gillian actively campaigned against the “rough sex” defense, leading to legal changes in England and Wales.

Battling through her own struggles, including thoughts of suicide, Gillian found strength in family, friends, and counseling.

In a symbolic gesture, she climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, raising £33,000 for the White Ribbon charity to combat male violence against women. Gillian also co-founded Love Grace, a charity providing handbags filled with toiletries for domestic abuse victims.

Despite the ongoing pain of losing her daughter, Gillian remains resilient, aiming to make the world safer for others. She plans to apply for official charity status for Love Grace, and in the coming year, she will train for a trek to Everest basecamp. Throughout her journey, she continues to receive support from New Zealand, a country that holds a special place in her heart.

Gillian’s unwavering determination to create positive change and honor the memory of her daughter showcases the strength of a grieving mother turning tragedy into a catalyst for a better world.

Source: BBC.

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