Alright, folks, here’s the scoop on a big tech showdown. Google’s in hot water, accused of being a monopoly in a US trial. They spilled the beans, admitting they hand over a hefty 36% of the cash they make from ads on Apple’s Safari browser back to Apple. The trial is all about whether Google and Apple are playing fair and not letting others in on the action.

Now, Google is defending itself, saying it’s on top because it’s got the best search engine. But get this, they’ve shelled out a massive $26 billion to be the default search engine on various devices, with a big chunk going to Apple – experts are saying maybe more than $18 billion!

This trial is wrapping up soon, and if the judge decides against Google, it could shake up the tech world. But hold your horses, we won’t know the final call until early next year. Stay tuned for the tech drama! And a shoutout to BBC for the original scoop.

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