World Keeping Close Eye on US Election 2024: Here’s Why

The US election in 2024 is not just a local affair; it’s capturing global attention. As the first votes approach in Iowa, people around the world are watching closely. The outcome could influence international relations in significant ways.

With the US involved in conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza, strained US-China relations, and escalating tensions in the Asia Pacific, the global stakes are high. Central American nations are under scrutiny due to increased migration to the US, and recent US-led airstrikes in Yemen add to the complexity.

The return of former President Donald Trump, known for his “America First” foreign policy, adds uncertainty to the international landscape. While some countries welcome his potential return, many allies fear dealing with an unconventional leader.

Foreign leaders are concerned about the possibility of a Trump comeback, with implications for ongoing conflicts. In Kyiv, the outcome could influence the course of the war in Ukraine. Trump’s previous statements about ending the conflict raise questions about potential negotiations that might favor Russia.

Beyond Ukraine, a shift in US policy could impact European states near Russia, leading to increased anxiety among American allies. There are concerns that a re-elected Trump might withdraw the US from NATO, affecting the military alliance.

The Middle East is also watching closely. While younger and Arab Americans oppose the White House’s support for Israel, Israelis have shifted their support from Trump to President Biden. Other Middle Eastern countries may welcome a change in US leadership to reduce interference and criticism.

The global audience for the US election is unprecedented, reflecting America’s influence worldwide. The intense international focus on this election is partly due to America’s involvement in various global issues and the events following the previous election, particularly the events of January 6, 2021.

As the world tunes in for the results, it’s clear that the US election has implications beyond national borders. The next president will not only have to address existing crises but also navigate unexpected challenges. The world’s reaction to this election matters not only to other nations but also to America, highlighting the importance of strong global alliances for tackling global issues.

Source : BBC

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