A young woman named Giulia Cecchettin was tragically killed in Italy by her possessive ex-boyfriend just before she was about to graduate in biomedical engineering. The shocking incident, caught on surveillance footage, showed her ex-boyfriend assaulting her in a parking lot, duct-taping her mouth, and continuing the attack in an industrial area. Despite a week-long search, Cecchettin’s body was found with severe stab wounds.

The alleged perpetrator, Filippo Turetta, fled and was later arrested in Germany. This heartbreaking event is part of a larger issue in Italy, with 106 women killed this year, 55 by partners or ex-partners. Cecchettin’s death has ignited widespread grief and anger, leading to protests and vigils across the country.

Elisa Ercoli, a leader in the fight against violence against women, sees this as a breaking point after a series of such cases. She emphasizes that a woman is killed every three days in Italy, often due to partners resenting their independence. Toxic relationships, like Cecchettin’s, sometimes involve violent men feeling threatened by successful women.

Italy’s first female prime minister, Giorgia Meloni, is appalled by the ongoing violence against women and plans to launch an educational campaign in schools to address the persistent culture of such violence. Despite progress, a patriarchal mindset remains, with over 40% of Italian women aged 30 to 69 not working due to juggling job and family responsibilities.

The recent death has led to national anger, prompting new legislation for stricter measures against gender violence. However, critics argue that the government hasn’t done enough. Cecchettin’s sister emphasizes the need for men to challenge harmful behaviors in a patriarchal society, stressing that change requires collective responsibility.

This tragic incident has resonated widely among Italian women, sparking a call for change. Despite a request for a minute of silence, students at Cecchettin’s university chose to make noise, refusing to stay silent in the face of such violence.(Source : BBC)

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