A Ghanaian chef, Ebenezer Smith, who claimed to have cooked non-stop for 802 hours to break a world record, has been arrested. He announced his achievement at a press conference, showing a certificate supposedly from Guinness World Records (GWR). However, GWR told BBC Pidgin that the certificate was fake and they had no record of his attempt.

Smith was arrested after a dispute with his sponsor, Amadia Shopping Centre, who accused him of breaking their contract by not informing them about his claimed award. Many Ghanaians expressed shock and disappointment on social media. Smith remains in police custody and has not commented on the accusations.

Several Ghanaians, including media personality Afua Asantewaa Aduonum and chef Failatu Abdul Razak, have recently tried to break GWR records. The current record for the longest cooking marathon is held by Ireland’s Alan Fisher, who cooked for nearly 120 hours last year, dethroning Nigeria’s Hilda Bacci.

This incident highlights the growing trend of people attempting extraordinary feats to gain recognition.

Source: BBC.


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