Since your last message doesn’t inquire about the designation of a terrorist organization, I’ll proceed with paraphrasing the provided text.

Gaza children struggle to find food for their families to survive.

Every day, 11-year-old Mohammed Zo’rab ventures out in Rafah, Gaza, with a bowl to search for food at makeshift centers and hospitals.

He returns home with whatever he can find, bringing joy to his family amid their hardships.

Mohammed is one of many children responsible for gathering food in a region where aid is scarce and the population suffers from displacement and hunger.

The ongoing conflict and lack of aid exacerbate the dire situation, with organizations struggling to provide assistance.

Reports of malnutrition and child deaths highlight the urgent need for humanitarian support in Gaza.

The civilians trapped in this crisis face unimaginable challenges as they grapple with war and hunger.

Source : BBC

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