Filming Gorillas: Wildlife Cameraman Faces Terrifying Test to Gain Trust of 40-Stone Silverback in Congo

In the dense forests of the Democratic Republic of Congo, a wildlife cameraman, Vianet Djenguet, experienced a heart-stopping encounter with Mpungwe, a massive 40-stone silverback gorilla, during the filming of a documentary.

Djenguet, invited by conservationists, had to navigate a charged encounter as part of the process to habituate the gorillas to human presence.

The goal is to save Mpungwe’s endangered family and, if successful, open up eco-tourism to protect their habitat.

Djenguet shared insights into the close connection between humans and gorillas, emphasizing the challenges of balancing conservation efforts with the impact of human activities.

The story sheds light on the delicate balance required to ensure the survival of the eastern lowland gorillas and highlights the importance of community support for eco-tourism initiatives.

(Source: BBC)

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