French Senator Joël Guerriau Accused of Drugging Colleague for Sexual Assault; Suspended from Party and Senate.

French Senator Joël Guerriau, 66, is facing serious charges of drugging and attempting to assault fellow lawmaker Sandrine Josso, 48. The incident occurred at Guerriau’s Paris apartment, where he allegedly spiked Josso’s drink. Guerriau denies the charges, claiming it was a ‘handling error.’

Guerriau, a former banker and member of the Senate since 2011, has been suspended from his party Horizons and the Senate.

He faces preliminary charges of administering a substance to commit sexual assault, with a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a €75,000 fine.

The shocking case has prompted swift action from Guerriau’s political allies, who have suspended him pending an investigation. Josso, a member of the National Assembly, was admitted to the hospital after the incident, with tests revealing the presence of ecstasy in her system.

The political class has expressed shock, with calls for a thorough investigation. The allegations have sent ripples through French politics, raising questions about trust and accountability.

For more details on this developing story, visit France 24, the original source of this information.”

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