Former gangster and bank robber turned nightclub owner and opposition politician, Gayton McKenzie, has now been appointed as South Africa’s Minister of Sports, Arts, and Culture by President Cyril Ramaphosa.

This surprising move came after McKenzie’s Patriotic Alliance gained ground in the recent elections, prompting Ramaphosa to form a multi-party government.

Known for his colorful past and outspoken nature, McKenzie has embraced his new role enthusiastically, even humorously posting about it on social media.

Despite his controversial background, McKenzie has garnered support, particularly from the coloured community, for whom he represents a voice often overlooked in mainstream politics.

His journey from crime to politics, including a stint as a motivational speaker and author, reflects a resilience and determination that resonates with many South Africans.

However, his appointment has not been without criticism, especially regarding his past legal issues and ongoing controversies.

Nonetheless, McKenzie’s promise to prioritize sports development, including his ambitious plans for car spinning as a sport, underscores his vision for engaging youth and combating social challenges through recreation and community involvement.

His tenure as a minister will undoubtedly be closely watched, balancing his checkered past with his potential to make a positive impact in South African society.

Credit : BBC

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