In a major legal decision, a regular group of people in Canada, known as a jury, found former fashion mogul Peter Nygard guilty of sexually assaulting five women between the 1980s and 2005. The jury concluded that Nygard, who once held a powerful position in the fashion industry, misused his influence to harm these women. Despite Nygard denying the accusations and his defense team claiming the women were lying for financial gain, the jury found him not guilty on one of the charges.

During the trial, prosecutors detailed how Nygard allegedly lured women, aged 16 to 28, into a private bedroom in his Toronto office, equipped with a large bed, a bar, and automatic locks on the doors. They asserted that Nygard assaulted these women once they were trapped in the room. On the other side, Nygard’s defense argued that the case relied on “revisionist history” and pointed out contradictions, suggesting financial motives for four of the five women involved.

Despite Nygard’s considerable wealth, estimated at $700 million, this verdict is not the end of his legal troubles. He still faces more trials in Canada and the possibility of extradition to the US, where authorities claim he engaged in a “decades-long pattern of criminal conduct” involving multiple victims worldwide. Nygard’s downfall began in 2020 when he resigned from his company shortly before it filed for bankruptcy following a raid by US authorities. Currently in jail, Nygard, who was once known for hosting celebrities, has seen his reputation severely damaged. This information is credited to the BBC as the original source.

Source : BBC

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