According to BBC, the UK has sent back its first failed asylum seeker to Rwanda under a new program.

This program offers migrants money, up to £3,000, to return to Rwanda voluntarily if their asylum claims are rejected.

The government introduced this scheme separately from its forced deportation plan, which has faced delays. The individual’s identity was not disclosed, but they were reported to have left the UK on a commercial flight. Labour criticized the timing of this deportation, claiming it was rushed before local elections.

The scheme aims to encourage voluntary returns, offering financial support for temporary housing, education, or starting a business.

Despite criticism, Business Secretary Kemi Badenoch defended the scheme, stating that ensuring border control has costs.

The Home Office reported that over 19,000 people without the right to remain in the UK were voluntarily removed last year, with some receiving financial assistance.

However, there are concerns about the effectiveness and fairness of the scheme, with some vulnerable individuals reportedly being pressured to leave.

Opposition politicians see this as a political move ahead of elections, while the government continues to face legal challenges over its forced deportation plans.

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