BBC Sport’s football expert Chris Sutton correctly predicted seven out of the first 12 group matches, but missed Slovakia’s shock win over Belgium and Romania’s victory against Ukraine.

Out of nearly 50,000 votes, only 16% predicted Romania’s win and just 4% backed Slovakia, though voters did predict eight correct results overall.

Can Chris and the voters improve their predictions for the upcoming matches? Sutton is also forecasting the final standings for each group and believes France will win the championship, with England losing to them in the semi-finals and Scotland not advancing from their group.

Sutton’s pre-tournament picks: Germany (1st) and Hungary (2nd). Switzerland to finish 3rd and Scotland 4th.

Germany vs. Hungary
Germany 2-0 Hungary

Germany started the tournament impressively, changing the mood among their fans. However, Hungary’s defeat by Switzerland adds pressure as they need a result, but I predict another clear victory for Germany.

Sutton’s prediction: 3-0

Scotland vs. Switzerland
Scotland 1-1 Switzerland

Scotland needs a better performance after a tough game against Germany. There are discussions about changes, including possibly bringing in Billy Gilmour. It will be challenging against a strong Swiss side.

Sutton’s prediction: 1-2

Sutton’s pre-tournament picks: Spain (1st) and Italy (2nd). Albania to finish 3rd and Croatia 4th.

Croatia vs. Albania
Croatia 2-2 Albania

Both teams lost their openers, making this a crucial match. Albania started well against Italy, but Croatia needs to bounce back from their defeat to Spain. Expect a tough contest.

Sutton’s prediction: 1-1

Spain vs. Italy
Spain 1-0 Italy

A highly anticipated match. Spain showed defensive solidity against Croatia, while Italy came from behind to beat Albania. Spain’s efficiency and Italy’s defensive vulnerabilities could decide this.

Sutton’s prediction: 2-1

Sutton’s pre-tournament picks: England (1st) and Denmark (2nd). Serbia to finish 3rd and Slovenia 4th.

Slovenia vs. Serbia
Slovenia 1-1 Serbia

Slovenia impressed against Denmark and will be organized defensively. Serbia posed some threats against England but lacked clear chances. A cautious draw might be on the cards.

Sutton’s prediction: 1-1

Denmark vs. England
Denmark 1-1 England

England started with a win over Serbia, but criticisms linger. Denmark will pose a challenge, but England’s defense looks solid. Another tight game expected.

Sutton’s prediction: 0-2

Sutton’s pre-tournament picks: France (1st) and Netherlands (2nd). Austria to finish 3rd and Poland 4th.

Poland vs. Austria
Poland 0-1 Austria

Both teams lost narrowly in their opening games. Poland, with Robert Lewandowski, could threaten more, but Austria showed resilience against France. A close encounter predicted.

Sutton’s prediction: 0-1

Netherlands vs. France
Netherlands 1-2 France

France looks strong despite challenges. Netherlands played well against Poland, but France’s quality may edge this match.

Sutton’s prediction: 1-2

Sutton’s pre-tournament picks: Belgium (1st) and Slovakia (2nd). Ukraine to finish 3rd and Romania 4th.

Slovakia vs. Ukraine
Slovakia 1-1 Ukraine

Slovakia surprised against Belgium but face a motivated Ukraine. Slovakia’s organization will be tested against Ukraine’s need for points.

Sutton’s prediction: 1-1

Belgium vs. Romania
Belgium 2-1 Romania

Belgium seeks a comeback after their shock loss. Romania surprised with their performance but Belgium should edge this match.

Sutton’s prediction: 2-1

Sutton’s pre-tournament picks: Portugal (1st) and Czech Republic (2nd). Turkey to finish 3rd and Georgia 4th.

Georgia vs. Czech Republic
Georgia 0-1 Czech Republic

Georgia must win to stay in contention. Czech Republic aims to build on their performance against Portugal.

Sutton’s prediction: 0-1

Turkey vs. Portugal
Turkey 0-2 Portugal

Turkey started with a win against Georgia. Portugal’s quality could be decisive in this match.

Sutton’s prediction: 0-2

Credit : BBC

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