Elon Musk strongly criticizes companies boycotting X, using strong language and accusing them of trying to blackmail him.

In a New York event, Musk warns the advertising boycott may kill the platform. He apologizes for a controversial post but stands firm against advertisers, saying, ‘Go [expletive] yourself.’ Musk believes the boycott could ultimately destroy X, and the impact may be documented.

X’s CEO is working to bring back advertisers, emphasizing the platform’s intersection of free speech and community support.

Musk’s comments come amid a history of controversies, including an antisemitic conspiracy theory. Advertisers had already shifted away, and Musk’s recent remarks may further strain their return.

The company faces challenges, especially as it no longer discloses financial reports. Musk’s bold statements may shape X’s future, but the impact on advertising remains uncertain.”

Credit to BBC as the original source.


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