Fatal Attack Near Eiffel Tower: Man Killed, Two Injured in Knife and Hammer Assault

In an incident near the Eiffel Tower, a man lost his life, and two others were injured in a knife and hammer attack.

The assailant, a 26-year-old French national known to security services, was arrested, with anti-terrorism prosecutors launching an investigation.

The victim, a German national born in 1999, was fatally stabbed while with his wife. Fortunately, a quick-thinking taxi driver saved the wife, and the suspect fled but later attacked two more individuals.

Police managed to Taser and apprehend the suspect, who had a history of planning attacks and was on the security services watchlist.

The attacker, who shouted “Allahu Akbar,” claimed he was upset about the deaths of Muslims in Afghanistan and Palestine. He had served four years in jail and struggled with psychiatric disorders.

The incident prompted a police operation in the area, and officials urged people to avoid it. French President Emmanuel Macron condemned the “terrorist attack,” expressing solidarity with the victims.

The national anti-terrorist prosecutor’s office is investigating, seeking justice for the French people. This event follows a recent knife attack in Arras, which raised the national security alert in France. (Credit: BBC News)


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