Trump and E. Jean Carroll, who accuses him of rape, are in court for her $10m defamation trial. A New York jury will decide damages over Trump’s denials.

Last year, another jury found him liable and awarded Carroll $5m.

This trial focuses on Trump’s 2019 denials. Carroll claims Trump assaulted her in the ’90s; Trump calls it false. During jury selection, Trump, now a Republican frontrunner, faced questions about elections, QAnon, and MeToo. Trump denies allegations on his Truth Social platform.

Carroll seeks $10m for harm to her reputation. This is a separate trial from the one in May. Trump, appealing that verdict, faces restrictions on denying the assault.

Carroll’s lawyer warns of a potential circus during Trump’s testimony. Despite a rejected delay request, Trump can testify next Monday.

Facing multiple legal issues, he heads to New Hampshire for the Republican primary.

Source: BBC.

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