Mood Changes Could Signal an Infection, Say Doctors

Coughing, sneezing, and stomach issues aren’t the only signs of infection. Doctors say that sudden mood changes, like anger or irritability, could also indicate an infection.

Dr. Sakeitha Crowder from Novant Health explains that recognizing early symptoms can help prevent severe complications.

While we’re familiar with symptoms like coughing and diarrhea, mood swings might be an unexpected clue.

Dr. Nikhil Palekar of Stony Brook University adds that infections can cause brain inflammation, leading to mood changes.

This is especially true for older adults, who might experience agitation or paranoia from even minor infections like UTIs.

Dr. Christopher Butler from the University of Oxford notes that both viral infections (like flu and COVID-19) and bacterial infections (like pneumonia) can affect mood.

Treating the infection and preventing recurrences are key, as is discussing ongoing mood issues with your doctor for appropriate treatment.

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