Kids using fancy skincare stuff could mess up their skin forever, says doctors”

Kids as young as eight are into skincare now, but that might not be a good thing. The British Association for Dermatologists is worried. They say that stuff kids are using, like acids for peeling and things with fancy names, can cause problems. These products might make kids’ skin itchy or give them eczema.

Why are kids into skincare? Well, they see famous people on places like TikTok using them. Sadie, who’s just eight, saw these cool videos and wanted to try. She liked a product that looks like a flower when you push it and another one with cool packaging. But her mom said no, ’cause it’s not good for her.

Some parents are also worried. They say their kids want these things because of what they see online. One big brand, Drunk Elephant, is super popular. But its stuff has strong ingredients that kids shouldn’t use.

The boss of Drunk Elephant even had to say on the internet that kids shouldn’t use their strong stuff. But still, kids want it because their friends have it.

Sadie’s mom, Lucy, says it’s hard to tell Sadie what’s good for her skin. She says it feels like her daughter’s growing up too fast. A doctor who knows about kids’ skin says these products are made for older people and can be bad for kids. They’re worried about how these products look, all colorful and fun, which makes kids want them more.

Doctors say if kids have skin problems, it’s better to talk to a real doctor than use fancy products. You don’t need expensive stuff for perfect skin because perfect skin isn’t real anyway.

Stores are also trying to help. One big store in the UK is training its workers to help kids and their parents pick the right skincare.

So, if your kid wants to try skincare because they saw it online, maybe think twice. It’s best to keep their skin safe and healthy.

Source :BBC News

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