Today in Delhi, the air is not good because people set off firecrackers for Diwali, even though it’s not allowed. The air is usually not great in Delhi because of cars and dust. But in winter, it gets worse because farmers burn things in nearby states, and the air doesn’t move much, making it hard to breathe.

The government closed schools early to keep kids safe. This morning, a tool called Sameer said the air quality is not good – it measures tiny particles in the air. The number is over 200, and some places are worse, over 350. If it’s between 101 and 200, it’s not great, and if it’s over 300, it’s really bad.

Breathing this air a lot can make you sick. The court said no fireworks, only the ones that don’t make much pollution. But not everyone listens, and some say the rule is against their religion. Today, a leader said another group encouraged people to set off firecrackers, making the air worse. The air got better after rain, but now it’s bad again.

As a content creator, it’s important to share this news to raise awareness about the air quality issue in Delhi. It’s a problem because it can make people sick. BBC shared this information first, so credit goes to them. Remember, it’s crucial for everyone to work together to find solutions and make the air safer to breathe.

Source : BBC

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