Unlock the Secrets to Diabetes Prevention: Tips from the Pros!

Discover expert insights to keep diabetes at bay, straight from top diabetes specialists. Learn the Big No-No for diabetes prevention and get a head start with 9 easy habits!

Parade originally shared valuable advice from Dr. Jorge Moreno, a Specialist at Yale Medicine, on how to dodge Type 2 diabetes. It’s crucial to understand that factors like family history, age, and ethnicity can increase diabetes risk, but adopting healthy habits can prevent the disease.

According to Parade, the absolute worst thing for preventing diabetes is indulging in sugary drinks and excessive alcohol. Dr. Florence Comite warns that these can spike sugar levels, emphasizing the importance of avoiding high-fructose corn syrup in foods.

Even if you opt for lower-sugar drinks, alcohol can still impact your health. It’s advised to drink in moderation and not on an empty stomach, as excessive alcohol can affect the pancreas and interact with medications.

To fortify your defense against diabetes, understanding your family health history is crucial. Consult with family and doctors to identify genetic factors and tailor a risk-mitigation plan.

Parade suggests cutting back on processed carbs like cookies and bread, as they can disrupt blood sugar and weight. Including protein in every meal and snack helps stabilize sugar levels, while fiber and healthy fats aid in managing reactions to sugary treats.

Adding a daily walk to your routine, trying high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and incorporating resistance workouts contribute to better glucose control and lower diabetes risk.

Parade recommends considering intermittent fasting for weight management, with caution. It’s effective, but potential risks include nutrient deficiencies and metabolic disruption. The goal is not to indulge during the eating window but to maintain a healthy diet.

Finally, Parade emphasizes that individual responses to food vary. Using a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) helps personalize food choices based on your unique body. Remember, everyone is different, and Parade encourages you to make informed decisions for your well-being.

Parade’s insights provide a comprehensive guide to diabetes prevention, offering practical tips from reputable experts in the field.

[Original Source: Parade. Credit to Parade for the information.]



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