Old-fashioned Recipe Unveiled: Ruth Wakefield’s Nut Tea Wafers Delight Taste Buds Once Again

Rediscovering the culinary treasures of yesteryears, Reddit’s r/Old_recipes community has unearthed another gem: a 76-year-old recipe for Nut Tea Wafers, also known as Refrigerator Cookies, crafted by none other than Ruth Wakefield, the genius behind the beloved chocolate chip cookie. Parade brings you the scoop on this delectable find, courtesy of Jessica Wrubel’s exploration.

Simple yet satisfying, the recipe calls for pantry staples like butter, brown sugar, egg, flour, salt, baking soda, vanilla extract, and walnuts. Mixing these ingredients into a dough, chilling it overnight, and slicing thin rounds before baking yields crispy-edged, chewy-centered cookies bursting with caramelized nutty goodness.

Jessica’s firsthand account reveals the unexpected delight of these unassuming treats. Despite initial skepticism about their simplicity and her own indifference towards walnuts, she found herself pleasantly surprised by their addictive flavor and texture. The cookies, with their nostalgic charm, evoke memories of after-school snacks and cozy moments with a cup of tea.

Parade emphasizes the community’s enthusiasm, with Redditors marveling at an original, signed copy of Wakefield’s cookbook from 1938 and sharing their experiences with her time-tested recipes. With tips like refrigerating the dough for optimal results and slicing it evenly for uniform cookies, this vintage recipe continues to charm modern palates, proving that good taste truly stands the test of time.

Source : Parade


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