ChatGPT Tool Lets People Make AIs, but BBC Finds Risk of Scammers Abusing It

OpenAI made a tool to create personal AI assistants, but BBC News found it might be used for scams. The tool, ChatGPT, lets users make custom AIs for different things. BBC used it to make a smart bot, “Crafty Emails,” that writes convincing scam messages.

BBC paid £20/month for ChatGPT and told Crafty Emails to use tricks to make people click on harmful links. Crafty Emails absorbed info about scams in seconds, even making a logo. It made realistic scam messages in different languages quickly.

OpenAI replied, saying they’re improving safety. They don’t want their tool used for bad things. OpenAI plans to have an “App Store” for AIs, but some worry about misuse.

BBC tested Crafty Emails for scams. The tool made convincing texts for scams, but the free ChatGPT refused to help with known scams. Experts warn that letting people make AIs without strong rules could help criminals.

Credit: BBC News

For additional information regarding this news, please click on the following BBC link.

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