A group led by a person who claims to be the “Queen of Canada” camped out in an old school in a small Canadian village called Richmound for two months. The leader, Romana Didulo, follows conspiracy theories like QAnon and has caused concern among villagers.

The police were involved, and locals protested, but the group stayed because the school was privately owned by one of Didulo’s supporters.

Recently, the group left the school for a nearby farm, but villagers worry they might return. The villagers are uneasy because Didulo and her followers have made threats against local officials and others.

The group was broadcasting online from the school and left when there was a potential fire code violation discovered during an inspection.

Didulo, originally from the Philippines, started a fringe political party in 2020. Her group is connected to the sovereign citizen movement, which rejects government authority.

Didulo issues decrees on social media, claiming to absolve her followers from bills, but these have no legal power. She also spreads anti-vaccination and QAnon-related conspiracy theories.

The group’s unpredictability makes the villagers nervous, and some have faced negative consequences by following Didulo’s advice.

Despite leaving the school, there is still concern among villagers, and the leader’s flag is still flying there. The mayor hopes the group stays out of Saskatchewan.

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