Sadananda Barakandaj, 35, runs a small clothing business. He faced significant financial losses exceeding $30,000 during the Covid-19 pandemic and is still trying to recover.

As the sole provider for his family of three, he calls for stronger economic support for small businesses, regardless of who holds power. Originally from West Bengal, he moved to Chennai at 16 due to poverty, a journey shared by many migrant workers seeking better opportunities.

Like countless others, he endured hardships during the pandemic, highlighting the struggles faced by India’s migrant workforce.”

This simplifies the original text while retaining its key points and context. It emphasizes the personal story of Sadananda Barakandaj and his call for improved economic policies for small businesses in the outgoing election in India.

Additionally, it acknowledges the broader issue of migrant workers’ challenges during the pandemic.

Credit : BBC

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