Burkina Faso Gets Huge Wheat Gift from Russia

Burkina Faso recently received a massive donation of wheat from Russia, totaling 25,000 tonnes, which officials called a “priceless gift.” This comes as ties between the two nations have been growing stronger, especially since Burkina Faso’s military took control in coups back in 2022.

The wheat aid is crucial for Burkina Faso, which is facing severe humanitarian crises, including food shortages and an ongoing conflict with Islamist militants. The country’s government sees this donation as a significant step towards reducing dependence on foreign food aid.

However, the relationship between Burkina Faso and Russia isn’t just about humanitarian aid. There have been reports of Russian troops arriving in Burkina Faso, and last summer, the two countries signed a deal for a nuclear power plant. This suggests a deeper economic and strategic partnership beyond just food aid.

Despite these developments, there have also been concerns about Russian influence in Burkina Faso, including allegations of Russian-sponsored disinformation and reports of Russian mercenaries being involved in the country’s mining sector.

BBC as a source.


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