Burkina Faso has stopped more foreign news channels from reporting on a report accusing its army of killing over 200 civilians.

This report by Human Rights Watch claims the army attacked villages where locals were thought to be helping armed groups. The government denies this.

They’ve already stopped BBC and Voice of America from reporting on this. Now, French network TV5Monde is also banned.

The report says the army killed 179 in one village and 44 in another, making it the worst army abuse in years.

Burkina Faso’s government denies these claims and criticizes the report for making accusations before facts are confirmed.

The media outlets affected say this blocks people’s right to know the truth. Some suggest using ways like VPNs to access blocked sites.

Critics worry these bans hide human rights abuses.

BBC, which first reported this, says it will continue reporting on the situation despite the ban.

Voice of America (VOA) says it’s sticking to its story on Burkina Faso and plans to keep reporting on what’s happening in the country, just like before.


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