Users Outraged Over Cyber Scams: Beware of Fake Hotel Messages!

Users of are expressing frustration after falling prey to cyber-criminals who exploited the app for over a year. The popular travel platform has not been hacked directly; instead, scammers infiltrated individual hotels’ admin portals.

Fraudsters send deceptive messages from the official app, tricking users into paying them instead of the hotel. Recently, this type of fraud has escalated, with hackers turning to the dark web for more victims.

One victim, Colleen Marples, lost £147 when scammers posed as a hotel in Egypt. Despite exchanging messages via the app, she unknowingly clicked on a payment request from the fraudsters. Attempts to recover the money from or her bank have been unsuccessful.

Another user, who lost £1,200 through the app, expressed feeling “extremely let down” and emphasized the expectation of security and trust when using the official platform. assures users that they are implementing new safety features, acknowledging that there’s no foolproof solution to eradicate all internet fraud. The company’s security team is actively monitoring and countering new threats. Measures include locking or blocking inactive partner admin accounts, where fraudulent activities often occur.

As a content creator, it’s crucial to stay vigilant when using the app. Be cautious of payment requests and report any suspicious activity. Remember, online security is a shared responsibility between users and platforms. (Source: BBC)

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