Senator Bob Menendez’s defense claims his wife, Nadine Menendez, is to blame for his alleged involvement in bribery, saying she kept him unaware of their financial dealings.

However, prosecutors argue that Menendez used his wife as a middleman to trade political favors for money, gifts, and gold bars.

The trial, which could last until July, centers on allegations that Menendez accepted bribes in exchange for aiding foreign governments.

Prosecutors claim Menendez’s wife facilitated these deals, while his defense portrays her as financially troubled and secretive about her actions.

Despite the accusations, Menendez maintains his innocence, asserting that he was simply doing his job as a senator.

The trial follows a search of Menendez’s home, where investigators found large sums of cash, gold bars, and other gifts allegedly linked to bribery schemes involving Egypt and Qatar.

Menendez is on trial alongside two others, both of whom have pleaded not guilty.

This information is sourced from the BBC.

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