President Joe Biden has issued a major order to reduce the record number of migrants arriving at the US-Mexico border.

This comes during an election year where immigration is a key issue. The order allows officials to quickly remove migrants who enter illegally without considering their asylum requests if the daily arrival limit is exceeded and the border is “overwhelmed.”

Republicans say Biden’s measures are insufficient, while some Democrats and the UN are worried about the impact on those fleeing persecution.

Biden defended the order, saying it will help manage the border situation, and criticized Republicans for not supporting immigration reform.

Activists have criticized the order, calling it politically driven and restrictive. Over 6.4 million migrants have been stopped at the border during Biden’s presidency, but recent numbers have dropped. However, experts believe this decrease might not last.

The order includes using a 1952 law to limit asylum access, which the Trump administration previously used controversially.

This has raised concerns about legal challenges and the potential violation of US laws. The Biden administration plans to defend the new rules in court and says the restrictions will apply only during times of high migrant arrivals.

The announcement has sparked debates, with some viewing it as necessary for border control and others seeing it as harmful to vulnerable migrants.

Biden’s order has political implications, especially with immigration being a top issue for voters.

This summary is based on information from the BBC .

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