Bianca Censori’s Odd Fashion Choices in Dubai Upset Fans: Carrying Giant Teddy Bear Raises Eyebrows.

Architectural designer Bianca Censori, known for her eccentric accessories, is causing a stir among fans. Recently seen in Dubai with husband Kanye West, a Reddit photo sparked criticism as Censori walked away in a strapless microdress, slicked-back wet hair, and an oversized blue stuffed animal in her arms.

Redditors expressed annoyance, joking that the teddy bear is her equivalent of a Birkin bag. Some speculated on whether she’s using the bizarre stuffed animals to conceal a pregnancy from paparazzi. This isn’t the first time; she previously used a throw pillow to cover up during a stroll in Florence, Italy.

Residents had previously been unhappy with her behavior, and an investigation was reportedly launched after the couple faced a ban from a water taxi company due to alleged lewd behavior.

Censori’s unconventional fashion choices continue to generate mixed reactions among fans.(Source: Parade)

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