Nigerian artist Asake is making waves with his unique Afrobeats sound that blends African roots with global appeal. Formerly a dancer, he transitioned to music in 2018 and gained recognition with the hit single “Mr. Money.” In 2022, he signed with YBNL Nation, achieving a historic debut album on Billboard. Asake’s international success includes a performance at New York’s Barclays Center.

In an interview with CNN’s Larry Madowo, he shared insights into his rapid rise, describing his eclectic sound as a mix of Amapiano, Afrobeat, Fuji, R&B, and hip-hop.

Asake attributes his musical inspiration to family influences, adopting his mother’s name as his stage name.

Reflecting on his journey from dance to music, he candidly admitted the shift was driven by a desire for financial stability.

Asake acknowledges Olamide’s pivotal role in his career, likening the artist to a lift and stairs leading to success.

Regarding his performance preparation, he sees it as creating art, treating each song like a scene in a movie. Despite his achievements, Asake remains focused on creating globally resonant songs.

This simplified summary credits CNN as the source of the information.

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