Aldi’s Ending the Year with a Bang: $34.99 Cold Press Juicer Deal! Aldi, the famous grocery store, is keeping the festive spirit alive with fantastic deals. They’ve just released the Ambiano Juice Extractor and Cold Press Juicer, both priced at only $34.99 each. These kitchen gadgets feature a stylish design, non-slip feet, and practical functionalities.

The Cold Press Juicer, priced affordably, allows you to switch between “on” and “reverse” while juicing. It comes with two cups and a cleaning brush. On the other hand, the Juice Extractor boasts an extra-large chute for processing whole fruits and veggies, offering two speeds for user convenience, and includes a 1-liter juice cup.

Juicers for home use can be quite pricey, ranging from $50 to $500. What sets Aldi apart is its reputation for quality products at remarkably low prices. For those starting their juicing journey, Aldi provides a budget-friendly entry point. And if you’re curious about other Aldi deals, don’t miss the chance to explore their fantastic 3-piece kettlebell set, perfect for shedding those holiday pounds.

Credit: Parade

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