A health writer, Beth Ann Mayer, ate yogurt every day for a week and noticed three main changes.

First, her gut health improved with plain and Greek yogurt, which kept her regular and didn’t cause bloating.

However, flavored yogurts with added sugar made her feel sluggish and gave her minor stomach aches. Second, Greek yogurt was more filling and kept her energized longer due to its higher protein content.

Third, she found yogurt to be versatile and fun, using it in smoothies, parfaits, and even as a sour cream substitute.

She tried different types of yogurt, including non-fat Greek yogurt and regular yogurt, noticing that Greek yogurt was better for staying full between meals.

Flavored yogurts with added sugar were less satisfying and made her feel hungrier sooner.

Beth Ann recommends Greek yogurt for its filling nature and advises choosing sugar-free or low-sugar options for regular consumption.

She suggests experimenting with different ways to enjoy yogurt, such as in smoothies or as a snack, to make it a convenient and nutritious part of your diet.

According to research, regular yogurt consumption can improve immunity, boost bone strength, improve heart health, lower diabetes risk, and reduce the odds of getting a UTI.

While long-term benefits weren’t noticeable in just a week, Beth Ann found yogurt to be a beneficial addition to her routine.

For more details, check out the full article on Parade.

Credit: Parade.


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