11 hospitalized in scorching Arizona heat at Trump rally

Extreme temperatures in Arizona led to 11 people being hospitalized as they waited to attend a campaign rally featuring former President Donald Trump.

This week marked a significant test for residents in the south-western United States, where high temperatures are common during the summer months.

With temperatures soaring as high as 112F (44C) in some areas, and even reaching 121F in Death Valley, California, attendees endured sweltering conditions outside the Phoenix Dream City Church.

Despite strict security measures delaying entry into the venue, thousands of Trump supporters lined up early to hear him speak, marking his first rally since his recent criminal conviction.

The scorching heat prompted concerns for attendees’ health, with several individuals requiring treatment for heat-related issues and 11 ultimately being taken to hospital.

The extreme weather conditions also underscore the broader issue of climate change, as heatwaves and heat domes become more frequent and intense due to human-induced climate change.

As temperatures continue to rise, it’s crucial for communities to take precautions to mitigate the risks associated with extreme heat.

Credit : BBC


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